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+ Gosha Ostresov jusqu’au 9 octobre 2010 TMproject Genève

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1. Could you describe your work?
The maniac who is hunting for glamour-loving girls, Electroman, is bursting young ladie’s apartments and prposes her his hairdressing assistance. His violence is in his fetishist behavior, he is like a child that plays with his toy’s hair.

2.What are you referring to? What are the references enclosed in your work?
This work is critcizing women who spend half of their lives in beauty-salons and all business around beauty, their pseudo-beauty that they want us to follow.

3.How would you like your artwork to be red or felt by the audience? What would be the best reading of it (if there is one)?
I would like my work to be read as glamour world critic.

4. What is the most intimate part of this artwork?
I did not understand the question.

16.09.2010 – 09.10.2010

21st century fine arts

37, rue des Bains
CH-1205 Genève
Tel : +41 22 320 99 03

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