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+ GARY SIMMONS: Double Feature jusqu’au 6 novembre 2010 SAKS Genève

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1. Could you describe your work?
My work is about erasure and memory. Its about how we try to reconstruct the past, what is abstracted and what is re-constructed. Memory is fragmented and blurred thru time.

2.What are you referring to? What are the references enclosed in your work?
I think there are a myriad of references both personally and collectively when viewing the work. I think at the core of the work there are political threads that run thru the work historically. The erasures began as an act of blurring the fragments of racial stereo-types and images. As the work has grown over time I think it has dealt with the personal/historical experiences that a viewer brings to the images.

3.How would you like your artwork to be red or felt by the audience? What would be the best reading of it (if there is one)?

I don’t know if there is any singular « read » that is present in the work. It is much more open-ended than that. I think everyone comes to the work with a history and if the work can be accessed in that way then I think its successful in tapping into the memory of ones experience with those images.

4. What is the most intimate part of this artwork?
difficult question… I think for me its probably the act of making the paintings.. They’re very physical and personal, in that they are the product of a performance that the viewer never sees. so with each work there is a very personal attachment that gets exposed. for the viewer i couldn’t predict what they’re intimate moments would be, i just hope that they do have that effect.

+ GARY SIMMONS: Double Feature
17.09.2010 – 06.11.2010

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