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+ Steve Lambert jusqu’au 17 juillet 2010 Barbara Seiler Zurich

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1. Could you describe your work?
It’s black ink on cream colored paper drawn with a 1 inch brush I bought for a dollar. The text reads « NEVER EVER GIVE UP » and when you fold the flap on the top, it reads « IT’S TIME TO GIVE UP »

2.What are you referring to? What are the references enclosed in your work?
Personally I waver between these two positions. There are times when I am working hard on something and I think « I have to power through this and get the job done » then there are other moments when I think « why am I working so hard, this is stupid! » I made the drawing at 1:30 am on my apartment floor when I was waffling between the two – should i go to bed, or should I finish this drawing?

3.How would you like your artwork to be red or felt by the audience?
Laughter, recognition. Something they can relate to and feel an affinity with. It speaks to them.

4. What is the most intimate part of this artwork?
When you discover that there are 2 messages.

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Steve Lambert – Subject sitting in darkened room…
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