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+ Johan Gustavsson jusqu’au 17 juillet 2010 Barbara Seiler Zurich

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Johan Gustavsson, born in 1978 in Stockholm, Sweden. Lives and works in Den Haag, Netherlands.

1. Could you describe your work?
More and more my works are results of a concentrated action, almost a meditative state of mind. Where I’m able to connect to all things I have ever seen, heard or experienced. Intuition is the key to all the experiences, knowledge someone possesses. Thoughts concerning aesthetics, the artist’s position in the art-world and how it can relate to the way we experience life. With this in mind, drawing has always been the most natural and direct medium for me. I can find a great freedom in drawing, where the intuition can be at it’s sharpest and where I can forget my physical being.

2.What are you referring to? What are the references enclosed in your work?
My works could also deal with the family, relations, perceiving, graffiti, Scandinavian culture, origin, sex, just life, freedom,
minimalism, melancholy, safety, the ugly and so on…

3.How would you like your artwork to be red or felt by the audience?
I believe in art as an language/ tool to communicate used to communicate on a level different than text and spoken language.
And, if art is a language/ tool to communicate, it needs to profit from its own qualities and avoid the known logical communication methods. In a search for a communication with the audience, not through rational, logical or traditional methods. Rather, a physical communication, that speaks to your « stomach » then a rational thought. Humans take in enormous amounts of information through our senses. Aware or unaware we see, feel, sense, hear or smell an incredibly big amount of information all the time. Therefore I hope for the romantic idea of an audience to be open and « feel » the works.

4. What is the most intimate part of this artwork?
The drawn lines. I think the line of the drawings would be the most intimate part of the works, and obviously the very personal images the form together. The lines are not illustrative nor perfect. They are almost amateurish. This makes the lines/drawing personal, individual and intimate.

=> 17 juillet 2010
Johan Gustavson – Subject sitting in darkened room…
Barbara Seiler Galerie
Anwandstrasse 67
8004 Zurich
+ 41 43 317 10 42


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