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+Stephan van den Burg jusqu’au 17 juillet 2010 Galerie Barbara Seiler Zurich

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Stephan van den Burg (1974), born in Assen, lives in Leiderdorp (The
Netherlands). Graduated last year from Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

1. Could you describe your work?
My work consists mainly of drawings, made with (colored) pencil, and
sometimes with scotch magic tape. Some are figurative, others are more
abstract, but in the best drawings it’s somewhere in between. In the
drawings I try to find new uses for images and ideas, inspired by
everyday surroundings, found images and the practise of drawing and
exhibiting. I do not only consider the drawings an image, but also as
an object or a ‘thing’ with its own dynamics. The drawings are
individual works that can be used in various ways in different
installations, where the meaning of the work can change depending the
context. With copies, afterstudies and remixes of already made
drawings I also try to create a body of work that grows and quotes
from within itself, with a clear inner logic. The tape-drawings are
made with pencil and scotch magic tape on paper (25,4 x 25,4 cm). When
working on a piece I draw on paper, then put a piece of tape on the
graphite line and withdraw the tape from the surface. The line stays
on the paper, but a copy is also made on the glueside of the tape,
which I stick on the drawing again. Then I draw new lines across it
and repeat the proces. In a way it’s like sampling. With the copied
lines I build up the drawing. But the sampled bits are not an exact
copy, because tiny bits of graphite, dust or the cutlines become also
visible. These ‘accidents’ help giving the work it’s unique character.

2.What are you referring to? What are the references enclosed in your work?
In my work I’m referring mainly to the practise of drawing in an
conceptual manner. Like said before, the image is just one part of the
work. Just as important is the way these drawings can work in
different contexts, how they connect with each other, how they work in
a space and how they talk about the process of drawing.

3.How would you like your artwork to be red or felt by the audience?
What would be the best reading of it (if there is one)?
I would like the audience to see a thoughtfull installation of
drawings that stand on itself, but also communicate with each other on
different levels. I would like to see the viewer close examining,
thinking, making his own connections and sometimes be puzzled. I hope
the time and effort put in the drawings can also be felt, and will
trigger close attention.

4. What is the most intimate part of this artwork?
While some of the works in the installation are kind of
abstract-looking, i hope all the works show the hand of the drawing
artist. Even in the grid-like shirt-drawings the detailed pencilmarks
and effort for me make the work very intimate. Besides that I hope
that my choice for combining these works triggers the viewer to follow
my thoughts and then follows his own.

=> 17 juillet 2010
Stephan van den Burg – Subject sitting in darkened room…
Barbara Seiler Galerie
Anwandstrasse 67
8004 Zurich
+ 41 43 317 10 42

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